dvr Xanthum Gum

It is  high-molecular weight biopolymer, provides versatile rheology control in a wide range of brines, drilling and fracturing fluids. Xanthan gum is considered non-hazardous and suitable for use in environmentally sensitive locations and applications. It is a highly dispersible powder that can be used for a variety of oilfield applications that use standard grade xanthan gum. It is  readily disperses and can be mixed into water under low shear conditions without the formation of lumps and %u201Cfisheyes%u201D often seen with non-dispersible polymers, improving utility and efficiency.

In addition to its improved dispersibility,it has the typical properties of xanthan gum for oilfield use %u2013 excellent rheological control for water-based drilling, completion and work-over fluids in a wide range of brines.

Technical Specifications:

Physical Properties :

Appearance   : Soluble white to off white powder or granules
Odour              : Slight
pH                    : 7 ± 1.5
Melting point  : Not Applicable
Boiling point  : N/A %u2013 solid
Bulk density  : 550-850 kg/m3 (depending upon grade)
Solubility        : Soluble in Water, but forms very viscous solutions which become Pasty at concentrations
                          greater than 5%


In the oil industry, Xanthan gum is used in large quantities, usually to thicken drilling mud. These fluids serve to carry the solids cut by the drilling bit back to the surface. Xanthan gum provides great ‘low end’ rheology. When the circulation stops, the solids still remain suspended in the drilling fluid. The widespread use of horizontal drilling and the demand for good control of drilled solids has led to its expanded use. It has also been added to concrete poured underwater, to increase its viscosity and prevent washout.

In cosmetics, Xanthan gum is used to prepare water gels, usually in conjunction with bentonite clays. It is also used in oil-in-water emulsions to help stabilize the oil droplets against coalescence. It has some skin hydrating properties. Xanthan gum is a common ingredient in fake blood recipes, and in gunge/slime




Advantage :

  •     Minimized pumping friction in lime, freshwater and saltwater muds.
  •     Maximized drill bit penetration.
  •     Accelerated drilling rates in low viscosity/high shear conditions.
  •     Efficient suspension/solids transport in high viscosity/low shear conditions.
  •     Decreased solids buildup in drilling fluids.
  •     Handling high gravel concentrations.
  •     High viscosity at low concentrations.
  •     Stabilization of hole-cleaning fluids.
  •     Decreased damage to oil formation.
  •     Decreased maintenance expense.
  •     Lower total cost of operation.

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