dvr White Spirit

RXSOL-20-2105-210 solvents are white spirits. White spirits consist of complex hydrocarbon mixtures obtained by hydro-treating a petroleum cut.  White spirits and mineral spirits blends are mixtures of paraffins, cycloparaffins and aromatic hydrocarbons with boiling ranges which typically lie between 150°C and 220°C. They are clear water-white liquids, chemically stable and non-corrosive and possess a mild odour. 

RXSOL-20-2105-210 solvents are clear, low-viscosity fluids with a detectable characteristic odour when concentrations approach 1 ppm (parts per million). These solvents are practically insoluble in water, but miscible in most organic solvents.

RXSOL-20-2105-210 solvents are stable, do not corrode standard metals but may however react with strong oxidants.


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