dvr White Cettol

Extracted natural blend of Neem Oil and Pine oil .

A Superior Concentrated Blend of Pine Oil and surfactant, very fast acting & effecting which kills germs throughout the house at the same time and which needs dilution.

This amazing new product from Future Developments can be used for the removal of slippy wet leaves from a variety of surfaces. Cettol works by breaking down the resins that attach the leaves to the rails, therefore removing the hazard of slipping wheels. Citrosolve can be used for paths, steps, railway tracks in fact anywhere leaves are a hazard. Just spray onto the surface to be cleaned and allow it to do its job.

Technical Specifications:

It%u2019s characteristic feature is as fallows:-

*  Highly effective.
*  Highly concentrated for economy.
*  Destroys most know germs.
*  Suitable for hard or soft water areas.
*  Works in Hot & Cold water.
* Ideal cleaner for floor wash basin etc.
* Specially marble & granite
* Is environment friendly
* Is absotutely safe on skin
* Keep away from Eyes.
* For external use only

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