dvr Vap Treat SOL 25 Ltr

VapourTreatment  (For controlling of Scale & Foam) ::: Neutral Liquid for prevention of scale in seawater Evaporators
This is a highly active antifoulant, water scale inhibitor, dispersant and anti-precipitant compound for use in industrial and marine water systems, such as cooking systems, heat exchangers, air conditioning equipment, etc.

RXSOL-51-6001-025 is a concentrated  solution of a POLYELECTROLYTE  polymer and antifoaming agents for  use in SEA WATER evaporator  as a controller of scale and foam in side the  evaporators.  It can be used as a scale inhibitor  in the  feed water  to EVAPORATORS producing fresh water .

A liquid polymer-based evaporator treatment specially designed to control and prevent scale formation in evaporators


Vaptreat – directly control scale deposition in evaporators water formation system. Since 1995 we are working with same product formulation and addition of composite polymer electrolytes not only helps to increase repulsion force in between scale formation molecule but also helps to keep evaporator maintenance free. We are one of popular supplier of vaptreat in Mumbai, Kandla, Mundra, Sikka, Manglore, Goa, Vizag, Chennai, Ennore, Kolkata, Haldia and all surrounding Indian as well as Middle East port. 

Technical Specifications:
CharactersItics   Properties
Appearance Thermal Firmness Clear  yellow liquid 250° C            By keeping heat transfer surfaces free of scale , Ensures that the evaporator works at maximum efficiency.
Density In g/cm3 at 15°C: 1.1

Permits more efficient evaporation.

pH (1 Vol%) 9

Reduces downtime and maintenance costs.

Compatibility   Concentrated, safe liquid, easy and economical dosing.
Metal No known effect

For use in both high pressure and vacuum evaporators

Rubber No known effect The antifoaming properties ensure that distillate quality is high

20 / 25 ltr

Improves the quality of distilled water


Procedure Of Use and Dose Rates: POLYELECTROLYTE  polymer  of RXSOL-51-6001-025 reacts with the potential scale forming salts in the water to prevent them from adhering to heat transfer surfaces. These solids are held in suspension and  easily removed  from  the evaporator  line. Finally RXSOL-51-6001-025 also have defoaming properties by which will stop foaming in EVAPORATOR. And by that way Distilled water quality is maintained in side the EVAPORATOR.

Used in both high and low pressure evaporators. 

Using Procedure:

Dosage :

Daily Out Put Evaporator Daily  RXSOL VT 6001 Requirement
10  – 20 MT 100-200 ML
30 %u2013 40 MT 300-400 ML
50 %u2013 60 MT 500-600

Setting the Flow Rate: The treatment is added to the dosage tank and mixed with water. Example: With the 0.5 litres of Vaptreat add sufficient water to make up 50 litres of liquid.The standard flow meter is Adjustable-Rate=0-l00ml/minute.Flow rate calculation: Flowrate = 50 Litres/24 x 60= 35 ml/min setting  i.eThis will last 24 hours.

Note: We can remove  existing  mineral scale deposits  by using  A  5-10%  solution of  RXSOL-51-6001-025 Otherwise to save money and cleaning of HARD DEPOSITS which is formed due to not proper treratment of Evaporator, we have specialized Safe Scale Remover with Indicator ( Product code is RXSOL-22-2210-200 ).

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