dvr Ultra Safe Lifejackets

UltraSafe Products is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of Lifejackets and Accessories

UltraSafe Lifejackets conform to the requirements of International Maritime Organization’s (I.M.O.) Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention and Life Saving Appliances Code (LSACODE) along with their Amendments as entered into force from time to time.

UltraSafe manufactures lifejackets in two product categories catering to their respective Sectors:

Category 1: Marine Industry, Central & State Government Disaster Management Department
Category 2: 
Sports, Tourism and Recreational Industry

Category 1: Marine Industry, Central & State Governmen Disaster Management Department
Model Specification
USPJA for Adults Weight – 0.80kg
Buoyancy – 193N
Body Weight – 43kg+
USPJC for Child Weight – 0.50kg
Buoyancy – 108N
Body Weight – 15 to 43kg+
USPJC for Infants Weight – 0.40kg
Buoyancy – 68N
Body Weight – upto 15kg

Lifejackets manufactured under all three above Models are tested fully in conformance to the requirements of MSC 81 (70), MSC 200 (80), MSC 207 (81) and MSC 201 (81).

UltraSafe Lifejackets are very user friendly, comfortable to wear and ideal in all respects for use by the personnel working on any type of vessel, be it Cruise Ships, Passenger Ferries, Cargo Ships, Offshore Vessels, Tankers, Sailing Vessels, Fishing Vessels, Port Tugs, Inland Boats, Trawlers, Barges, Rigs, Oil Process Platforms and Offshore Installations.

Category 2: Sports, Tourism and Recreational Industry

Models available in Category 2 are:



UltraSafe Work Vests are suitable for all occasions and cater to workers working on or around water of all types of Floatation Units, Merchant Ships, Fishing Vessels, Dumb Barges, Rigs, Sailing Vessels, Boats, Tugs, Oil Process Platforms and Installations and Propelled Vessels, Passenger Ships and Ferries.

Designed to be safe, functional and comfortable UltraSafe Work Vest comes with SOLAS reective tape on the front collar and back for enhanced visibility, a fast tab attachment point for a radio or other equipment and a comfortable mesh lining.

UltraSafe Work Vest is ideal for constant wear situations, hot, humid conditions and high mobility requirements.

Self Righting Properties

Enhanced Mouth Freeboard

Easy to Don

Reliable & Excellent Quality

Lifting Becket to provide instantaneous retrieval

High Floatability with optimum inherent Buoyancy

Designed to fit Persons weighing up to 140 Kg and with a Chest girth of up to 1750 mm without the need for additional item or extension.