dvr Toilet Urinal Restoreing Cleaner Heavy Duty

A blend of acid-detergents for cleaning and quickly brightening of tile floors, sinks, urinals, and toilets.  High foaming action pushes out dirt, grease, and oil to leave surface sparkling clean.  This product is used to remove hard water rings off toilet bowls and in showers

Technical Specifications:

Apply with hand foamer or plastic pump-up sprayer.  Use undiluted or 1 to 1 with water.  Allow to remain on surface for 60 seconds then brush lightly and rinse.  Always wear protective gloves & face gear when using this product.


when nothing else will work.Restore cleans gray old sinks when nothing else works.  Always use with caution.  This product will etch some tile so always test before using.  Restore may be used on glass and mirrors when nothing else will remove the hard water and replacement is considered, then try Restore before replacing glass, but use with caution because this product may etch the glass.  Always wear gloves when using this product it penetrates when you don%u2019t know it%u2019s working.  Restore needs to remain on surface for approximately 60 seconds.  When cleaning tile floors always try our product X-It-Out before using restore.  Never mix these 2 products together because they will react together.

Using Procedure:

Restore should be used 2 %u2013 3 times per year to clean and brighten and remove water scale.  Weekly cleaning with a heavy duty cleaning disinfectant like Patrol will keep grease and dirt off tile floors in locker rooms and shower floors.  Cleaning showers and locker room tile floors with X-IT-OUT monthly will keep algae and dirt grime off floors and walls.

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