dvr Toilet Cleaner Commercial Bulk Packing

RXSOL TOILET CLEANER is an effective toilet cleaner formulated to remove deposits and stubborn stains. It leaves toilet bowls and urinals sparkling clean.



%uF046    Regular use prevents lime-scale build-up

%uF046    Ideal stickness for extended contact time

%uF046    Squre-bottle with directional spout, enable fast &easy application.

%uF046   Colour & alpha-numeric codes to prevent application mistakes.



Technical Specifications:

Appearance: Blue viscous liquid pH(neat):<2.0
store & cool, dry place away from direct sun light
Lrritant. Lirritating to eyes and skin. Wear suitable gloves. In case of contact with eyes, wash
immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Do not use on acid-sensitive  surface. Immediately remove any drops or splashes and rinse with water. Do not mix with bleaches or any other cleaning chemical products.

Using Procedure:

RXSOL TOILET CLEANER is a ready to use product. Before use shake well. Flush the toilet. RXSOL TOILET CLEANER squeeze in the rim, around the bowl, or in water / flush paths above water outlets. Leave for best result for a movements. (5 to 10 minuts of contact time depending upon the bowl condition). After that scrub the inside of the bowl with the brush to remove defficult stains. Then flush to inside the toilet / urinal.

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