dvr Toilet Bowl Urinal Cleaner Disinfectant

Technical Specifications:
Fragrance Wintergreen
Color Clear Blue
pH Less than 1.0
Density 8.8#/gal
Acid content 8.0% min. HCL
Stability 2 yr. minimum
Detergency Excellent
Viscosity thick  900 cps
Rust removal Excellent
Flash point None

To clean and disinfect both toilet bowls and urinals – first remove standing water by forcing it up and over the trap area with swab mop.  Wring excess water out of the swab mop and saturate with bowl cleaner.  Start the cleaning operation under the rim of the commode or top rim of the urinal using the side of the applicator.  Force the bowl cleaner up and in to the water outlet holes allowing the product to run down the sides of the bowl or urinal.  This will allow the full strength product to come into direct contact with the areas most likely to have the worst build up of organic soils.  Proper disinfection requires a thorough cleaning of the trap area as well as the bowl.  If you have done a proper job of forcing all the standing water out, you should have no trouble swabbing the trap and bowl without the product becoming diluted.  Allow this product to remain for at least 10 minutes until all rust, scale and deposits are loosened.  Rinse by flushing.  Use a germicidal cleaner for the seat and outside areas – do not use this product on any surface outside the commode or urinal.

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