dvr Toilet Bowl and Urinal Cleaner Might Mint Thick

A triple action, jelled, green bowl cleaner that cleans, deodorizies toilet bowls and other similar surfaces.   Contains a deep penetrating agent that loosens encrusted lime deposits, soil, stains and scum with ease.  Destroys bacteria on contact and leaves toilet areas with a fresh, mint odor.  It%u2019s easy to use because the product is jelled and will cling to undersides of bowl rims and on vertical surfaces.

  • Remove water from bowl by forcing over trap with applicator swab.

  • Press excess water out of swab.

  • Saturate swab with Might Mint, hold bottle and swab over bowl.

  • Clean entire bowl, under the rim and at water outlets.  Flush to rinse swab and rinse Mighty Mint off.

  • To clean urinals, saturate swab with Mighty Mint holding swab and bottle over urinal, swab entire surface with attention to grooves at sides and water outlets at the top.

  • Flush well and rinse out swab.

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