dvr Tank Degresol A Heavy Duty 20 Ltr

Concentrated effective cleaner for contaminated FUEL OIL , cargo tanks . It's high emulsification formula easily react with residue / sludge deposits .RXSOL-20-2029-020 is  used  as  a tank cleaner or for general degreasing , cleaning and gas freeing for double bottom tanks, wing tanks, tank lines, fuel oil tanks, etc .


Tank Lining %u2013 Stainless / Zinc / Epoxy / Phenolic.

Spraying This can be beneficial as part of the initial cleaning process after the carriage of Lube oils and Lube oil additives.  As soon as the tank in question has been checked empty by the attending surveyor, RXSOL-20-2029-020 Plus should be sprayed over all surfaces which are safely reacheable.
Portable machines %u2013 After 45 minutes the butterworth machines should be operated for 3 x 20 minutes drops using warm 60o C, then the machines brought back to the top and a full hot wash 80 %u2013 85 o C should be carried out for at least 6 hours.
Fixed machines %u2013 Wash ambient for 45 minutes followed by warm water for one cycle before increasing to hot (80oC) for 4 hours.
Injection  %u2013 This can be carried out by injecting RXSOL-20-2029-020 Plus into the butterworth system after the heater.  A normal amount to use would be 100 %u2013 150 liters during the initial washing cycle.  Water temperature should be 60o C during the injection period then brought up to 80 %u2013 85 o C for the full washing period.

%u2013 Possibly the best result are achieved by re-circulating a solution of RXSOL-20-2029-020 Plus after the initial rough washing of the tank.  A sufficient amount of fresh water to maintain good suction should be heated  to 60 o C and approximately 420 liters of RXSOL-20-2029-020  Plus (2 drums) added for each 500 liters of fresh water.  The temperature of the mixture can be increased depending upon  the melting point if the product being cleaned.  The solution should be circulated for at least 4 hours and the butterworth machines operated at maximum pressure in all areas of the tank  throughout this process.  If a number of tanks are to be circulated, then a substantial quantity of solution can be made so that transfers can be made without delay and any small amounts lost will not affect the operation.  Normally following transfer to another tank, 100 liters RXSOL-20-2029-020 Plus is added for each 5000 liters of solution.  This is called %u201Cspiking%u201D.

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