dvr Tank Cleaner HD 20 Ltr

Very effective tank cleaner and general degreasing, cleaning agents. Specialized for gas freeing for double bottom tanks, wing tanks, pipe lines, fuel oil tanks, etc. RXSOL-20-2001 is developed by our R&D teams step by step as per demand and problem faced by our customer during tank cleaning. Our daily working team observed that selection of higher concentrated organic / inorganic emulsifier with powerful penetrating agents, corrosion inhibitors and surfactants makes cleaning job easier. For example when matter comes to clean of heavily deposited old and viscous oil – Ordinary cleaner doesn't effect, while small drops of RXSOL immediately strats its action to emulsify such deposited molecule. 

Since 1995 RX GROUP OF INDUSTRIES only concentrating on cleaning chemical reaction our continiuty in same fieldand day by day development given us opportunity to lead among all. We are providing private laveling to many International Brand and organisation. 

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