dvr Super Kleen 5380

SUPER KLEEN 5380 is a 100% active concentrated cleaner designed specifically for high pressure an ambient temperature spray washing of Aluminum, Aircraft Parts, Electric Motors, Plastics, and Multi-metals. The powerful cleaning action becomes more effective at higher temperatures with short-term in-plant rust inhibition. It is safe for use on all metals & electric motor windings requiring no extra steps for most applications. SUPER KLEEN 5380 is best used in cleaning applications where an excellent rinse with less aggressive cleaning is required. Potassium base leaves parts residue-free after rinsing.

Technical Specifications:

Physical Properties :




Clear, pale yellow liquid



pH (2% Solution)

9.0 + 0.2

Effect on Metals    

Safe on all metals

Free Caustic      





Freely soluble in water

Operating Temperature     

Ambient to 135°F



Boiling Point


Specific Gravity



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Using Procedure:

For Power Washers: Heat the water to at least 160ºF. Open and secure the Power Washer door.Carefully and slowly pour 50 to 250 of SUPER KLEEN 5380  per 5000 ml of water over the door frame and through the expanded metal internal reservoir cover in the washer. Close the washer door and start the pump to mix the detergent.

For all other cleaning equipment: Add SUPER KLEEN 5380  carefully and as instructed by the machine manufacturer. Avoid %u201Cdumping%u201D of SUPER KLEEN 5380  directly into washer reservoir. Violent exothermic (heat released) reactions, splashing of heated chemical solutions and the premature release of fumes may occur. If chemical must be added to the solution, slowly pour chemical into solution while continuously mixing.

SUPER KLEEN 5380  is designed for use at low concentrations:

Washing light soils/High Rinsing 50- 100 ml / 5000 ml
Washing heavier soils 250- 450 ml / 5000 ml
Useable temperature range 150° – 210º. Higher temperatures increase effectiveness.



  • Deep Cleaning detergent for oil, greases, brake dust, and other soils from non-ferrous metals
  • 100% Active Concentrated chemical with no fillers
  • Formulated with rust inhibitors to protect your washer & unrinsed parts
  • Low foaming with built-in defoamant is effective with synthetic products.
  • Super rinseability provides Low electrical conductivity and complete chemical removal with no staining or  residues. Ideal for washing electrical motor armatures and other electrical parts.

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