dvr Styrene Monomer Cleaner


Styrene Monomer (Cleaning Procedure)

During loading, transport, discharge and tank cleaning avoid any heat and heated cargoes in adjacent tanks (risk of polymerisation). Use a new solution of RXSOL CTC-VOLC only for removal of the smell (final touch).

  1.   Butterworth the tank 1, 5 hours with cold sea water or freshwater
  2.   Prepare the following solution in the tank to be cleaned: 5 m3 fresh
      water, with a temperature of 30°C. 1 pail of CTC-Cleaner-VLC
      (0.4%)Butterworth the tank one hour by recirculation (T: 30°C).
  3.   Rinse the tank 15 minutes with fresh water
  4.   Ventilate, Mop and Dry the tank. Instead of recirculation cleaning as
  5.  the RXSOL CTC-VOLC can be also injected into the Butterworth
  6.  AButterworth the tank 1, 5 hours with cold seawater or freshwater.
  7.  BButterworth the tank 1 hour with seawater or freshwater of a 
     moderate temperature 
     (approx 50°C) and inject the RXSOL CTC-VOLC (see method 3).
  8.  B should be carried out only for the removal of smell (No residues of
     Styrene present)

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