dvr Stainfree Metal and Calcium Eliminator

This product eliminates trace metals that can cause staining and discoloration while preventing scale build-up due to calcium and other minerals that can clog up your pool system. Keeping your pool and components free from trace metals, calcium and other minerals will help the longevity of your pool equipment while keeping the pool clean of unsightly staining and discoloration. Keeping your pool clear of staining and damage from scale build-up will allow your to enjoy your pool for years to come.

  • Helps prevent staining and water discoloration due to metal or mineral content in water
  • Helps prevent waterline and other surface scaling
  • Helps prevent damage to equipment
  • Available in small and gallon sizes packing


Metal Free prevents unsightly staining, discoloration and calcium build-up preventing damage and keeping your pool clean for future use. Dosage: 4 oz per 10,000 gallons

Pool Chemical Features

  • Metal deactivation agent
  • Prevents staining and discoloration
  • Prevents scale build-up
  • Will not raise phosphate levels


Using Procedure:

Step 1:
Have pool water and fill water tested to see if metals are present at your water test center. Use Stain ID Kit to determine if stain is caused by metal. Gently rub the tablet on the stain. If the stain becomes lighter in color or is removed, RXSOL-31-3046-005 Stainfree should work.

Step 2: 

Balance pool water chemistry 

Total Alkalinity
Calcium Hardness Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer) Total Dissolved Solids 

7.2- 7.6 PPM 80-120 PPM 200-400 PPM 

Stain removal products work best when the pH is on the lower side of acceptable, 7.2 

Step 3:
Lower the chlorine level to 1 PPM or less. A high chlorine level or any other oxidizing agent during the process will prevent RXSOL-31-3046-005 Stainfree from working as designed. Do not swim until stain removal is complete and normal chlorine residual is established.

If operating the pool for a couple of days without chlorine creates an algae concern. Consider dropping the phosphate level first to minimize the risk of an algae bloom. 

Step 4:
Use a non-polymer filter aid (paper pulp 

products work great for this process) to help sand and cartridge filters remove the very small particles created during the stain removal process. Water clarifiers should not be used during this process. 

Step 5:
Run pool pump until process is complete. Backwash as needed, reapply filter aid after each backwash. 

Step 6:
Add 1 pound of Stainfree for every 10,000 Gallons 

Step 7:
Brush heavily stained areas. 

Step 8:
After 1 hour add 1 liter of Metalfree for every 20, 000 Gallons. 

Step 9:
After 24 hours, vacuum the entire surface of 

the pool to the filter or waste. It is improtant to vacuum every inch of the bottom to remove any trace of metal particulate. It may be smaller than can be seen, but it 

is there. 

Step 10:
Sand filters should be backwashed twice, cartridge and D.E. filters must be broken down and cleaned thoroughly. 

Step 11:
Rebalance water. After verifying levels, shock pool to establish a sanitizer residual. Repeat if necessary. 

Step 12:
Use RXSOL-31-3046-005 to help prevent future staining. Apply 4oz. per 10,000 Gallons once per week. 

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