dvr Spark Clean Bio Rx

Spark Clean Bio Rx  is a highly-refined, bio-based cleaning agent formulated to meet the performance, compatibility and environmental requirements of the various Industries. It is highly effective and eco friendly solution for remove the grease, oil, dust, rust, and carbon deposition from ferrous and non ferrous component like, Chain and conveyor, nut bolt, Gear, shaft , bearing ,etc.

Spark Clean Bio Rx  is selected when a cleaner with fast dry times, low surface residue and powerful cleaning is required. It is also selected for its low environmental, health and safety impact.

Spark Clean Bio Rx  is a low vapor pressure cleaner designed to minimize volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, worker exposure, fire risk and overall usage. It is a widely accepted %u201Cdrop-in%u201D replacement for other low flash point, high vapor pressure and toxic solvents. Spark Clean Bio Rx is safe for use with ferrous and non-ferrous alloys such as aluminum, copper and copper alloys, magnesium, nickel, steel, stainless steel, titanium and zinc. It is also compatible with many plastics and elastomers.

Technical Specifications:

Properties : –

Appearance Transparent Yellow
Odor Mild Citrus
Boiling Point  


Specific Gravity @25°C 0.86-0.89
kinematic viscosity 5-6

Spark Clean Bio Rx  is used for various application as below –

  • Manual or hand-wipe cleaning
  • Immersion tank cleaning
  • Thermal/acoustic insulation blanket cleaning
  • Cleaning during component manufacture and final assembly
  • Cleaning during maintenance, repair and overhaul
  • Cleaning prior to and following non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Cleaning prior to bonding and sealing
  • Cleaning prior to painting, plating and other surface coatings
Using Procedure:

Spark Clean Bio Rx  is Apply for Manual Cleaning  at full concentration to the desired substrate by brush, pad or cloth.

Immersion Cleaning: Add Spark Clean Bio Rx at full concentration to the wash tank reservoir. Ultrasonic agitation may be used with proper safety controls.

Spark Clean Bio Rx is also suitable for use in a variety of commercially available cleaning equipment including immersion tanks, ultrasonic equipment and vertically oscillating systems.


Future & Benefit :

  • Powerful Cleaning Ability 
  • Bio-Based, Biodegradable
  • Low Surface Residue 
  • Reduces VOC Emissions 
  • Non-Ozone Depleting
  • Low Health and Safety Risk 
  • No Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs)

Shelf Life  :

The shelf life for this product is thirty-six (36) months when it is stored in its original, sealed container at room temperature. However, the product should be inspected after thirty-six (36) months from the date of manufacture prior to customer use.

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