dvr Sodium Nitrate

Sodium Nitrite is used in various industries. In the Pharmaceutical Industry it is used as an intermediate in production of saccharine. In the textile industry as a bleaching agent and in the Rubber Industry as a rubber foam blowing agent.

  • In the manufacture of a range of dyes and pigments
  • In the pharmaceutical industry as an intermediate raw material in the synthesis of products like saccharine and caffeine
  • In the chemical synthesis reactions in the manufacture of organic insecticides and herbicides
  • As a corrosion inhibitor
  • In the textile industry as a bleaching agent
  • In metal coatings and for descaling of steel and cast iron
  • As a meat curing agent
  • In the rubber industry as a polymer inhibitor and as a foam rubber blowing agent
  • In applications including water treatment, anti-freeze fluids, industrial cleaners and lubricants
  • Heat transfer salt

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