dvr Soak Clean Eco

Soak Clean Eco is a highly concentrated, low foaming, liquid alkaline cleaner for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It can be used in spray, power wash, immersion or electrolytic operations. The cleaning action of RXSOL-68-6817-025 is so powerful that pre-cleaning in chlorinated solvents can be eliminated.

Using Procedure:

Using Procedure and operting data :

  Spray or Power Wash Immersion Electrolytic
Concentration 10 %u2013 30 ml/L 50 %u2013 150 ml/L 50-150ml/L
Temperature 40 %u2013 80°C 40 %u2013 80°C 40 %u2013 80°C
Time 0.5 %u2013 3 mins 2 %u2013 5 mins 1 %u2013 5 mins
Current Density
(Ferrous, Anodic)
    2.5 %u2013 10A/dm²
    5.0 %u2013 7.5 A/dm²

Equipments and Installation :

Tanks Mild or stainless steel or other materials suitable for use with alkaline solutions.
Heaters PTFE, stainless steel or mild steel immersion heaters or steam coils.

It is essential that the tanks to be used for RXSOL-68-6817-025 are thoroughly cleaned and leached before any product is introduced.
If in any doubt as to the cleaning procedure please contact PMD Technical Department.
1. ¾ fill the tank with water and heat to 60°C.
2. Add the required volume of RXSOL-68-6817-025
3. Make up to final volume with water and mix well.
4. Heat to operating temperature.

Maintenance and Control :
The volume of the solution should be maintained regularly by the addition of water. It is recommended that automatic level controllers are fitted to the tank to ensure constant solution concentration and protect heaters.The solution should be analysed regularly and replenished as necessary. (See analysis method).The solution should be discarded and a fresh one made up when the solution is so loaded with absorbed soils that replenishment has no effect on cleaning time.

Analysis Method Reagents :
1N hydrochloric acid
Methyl orange indicator

Method :
1. Pipette a 25.0ml sample of cooled working solution into a 250ml conical flask.
2. Dilute to 100ml with de-ionised water and add 2-3 drops of methyl orange indicator.
3. Titrate with 1N hydrochloric acid to a pink end point.
4. Record titre = t mls.

Calculation :
t x 5.7 = ml / l PMD RXSOL-68-6817-025

For every 1ml/L required add 1ml/L RXSOL-68-6817-025


Future and Benefit :
· Elimination of chlorinated solvents.
· Versatility – rack or barrel, spray, immersion or electrolytic on ferrous and non-ferrous   metals.
· Economical – long life and effective cleaning.
· Emulsifies and saponifies oils to prevent oil flotation.

Disposal :
Dispose of in accordance with local authority requirements.

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