dvr SLUDZA (Nonstop Cleaning Agent)

Nonstop Cleaning Agent is a concentrated product. SLUDZA (Nonstop Cleaning Agent). This product is safer for use, storage and transportation and reduce your costs by 10 – 15%. This product dissolve and loosen deposits of SLUDGE and increase the permeability layer zones to mix with water.

This is a very strong polymer based cleaner which can be used to soften up / remove baked on drying oils. It is low toxic product with an exceptional solvency power on soil & oily matter. Suitable for cleaning of Heavy oils, Black oil, Mineral oil Products. Phthalates paraffin's vegetable oils Odour intensive products.

Main feature of this product is It finally dissociate slop emulsion  to separate oil and water .This provide us with ability to dispose of waste solution. Improper use or dilution may result in a decrease in product performance. Ready-to-use neutral cleaner is designed to clean washable hard surfaces.


Avoid eye contact with vapors, mists, or spray. Wear Safety Glasses with Side Shields when eye contact is possible. Gloves not normally required. If prolonged or repeated skin contact is expected, gloves made from the following material(s) arerecommended: Neoprene, Nitrile Rubber. Dispense SLUDZA (Nonstop Cleaning Agent) 8 with cold water using the appropriate dispensing system into a buddy jug, Easy Scrub Express Systembottles, mop bucket or directly into an auto scrubber.



  • Can be use with high pressure machine
  •  Also can be use with a flat mop.
  •  can be use with mop and bucket.
  •  Can be use with auto scrubber
  • Removes grease, oil, carbon deposits, soil and grime.
  • Keeps loosened deposits in suspension preventing re-deposition.
  • Low toxic.  , Non-flammable.
  • Free from hydrocarbon solvents.
  • SLUDZA has numerous cleaning applications including removal of greases, waxes, oil, sludge, soot, carbon deposits and general dirt and grime.
  • Non-corrosive to ferrous metals.  Suitable for all tank-coatings.
  • Can be used for gas and hydrocarbon freeing of tanks.
  • Can be used for deodorizing
  • Contains wetting agents. 
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Recommendation: 

Refer to MSDS for specific PPE guidance. 

Using Procedure:


Necessary concentration in water only 0,2 to 0,4 % Oil and Sludge remover

SLUDZA   is  also recommended for local cleaning & degreasing of engine rooms, bilges & tank  tops. It may be applied by brush, spray, immersion, soaking, or  any  other  conventional  means. SLUDZA is used  neat. Allow a residence time of at least 20- 45 minutes where  possible, to ensure good penetration & emulsification. Finally wash the system with hot water & high pressure.The emulsion residue after cleaning must be allowed  to separate  in a holding tank for atleast 3-5 hours before passing through an oily water separator.


1. Sweep or dust mop floors.

2. Properly position caution signs for wet floor conditions.

3. Mop floor or scrub using an auto scrubber or floor machine 

4. Pick up soiled solution with a wet vacuum or tightly wrung mop.

5. No rinsing required.

6. Allow floor to dry. Note: Floors may be slippery when wet.

7. Burnish or spray-buff immediately after cleaning (optional). 

 Special Features 

  • Automatic dispensing eliminates measuring and mixing and ensures accurate dilutions.
  • Will not dull or damage floor finishes.
  • Clean, fresh scent.
  • No rinsing is required, saving time and labor.


Refer to product Material Safety Data Sheet for specific physical properties, health hazard, first aid and
High penetration & emulsification   , Reduces down time. For cleaning of machinery parts, bulk heads, decks, bottom plates & any oil/grease dirty areas.Used for cargo tank cleaning of mineral oils and petroleum based chemicals, Sludge etc .

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