dvr Sima Lube Automatic Lubricators

SIMA LUBE Automatic Lubricators

Brugarolas distributes automatic lubricators from the company Simatec, a pioneer in single-point systems.

It has developed a simple package and an affordable and refillable process.

Some of them are included for reference purposes.

Consult our commercial department.

Product Features and applications
SIMALUBE SL01 Multi-point greaser available in two formats, 60 grs. and 125 grs. Contains lythic grease, standard consistency, NLGI 2.
SIMALUBE SL06-30 Single-point greaser, 30 ml. Fluid grease.
SIMALUBE SL24 Single-point greaser, 250 ml. Lithium complex.
SIMALUBE SL 10 Single-point greaser, 250ml. Non-poisonous. Food industry.

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