dvr Silver Nitrate( Acidified ) – 500 ml Btl

Silver Nitrate , chemical compound, AgNO3, a colorless liquid solution. 


The most important compound of silver, it is used in the preparation of silver salts for photography, in chemical analysis, in silver plating, in inks and hair dyes, and to silver mirrors. It is used in medicine in the treatment of eye infections and gonorrhea. Fused silver nitrate is also called lunar caustic. Taken internally silver nitrate is a poison. It is prepared by reaction of nitric acid with silver, and purified by recrystallization. It is darkened by sunlight or contact with organic matter such as the skin.

10% w/squeeze top
Min.  Assay ( on dried material ) : 99%
chloride (ci) : 0.001%
Sulphate (so4) : 0.01%
Iron (Fe) : 0.001%
Substances not precipitated by hydrochloric acid  (as sulphate) : 0.01%

MEDICINAL USE : Medicine Micrograph showing a silver nitrate (brown) marked surgical margin.Silver salts have antiseptic properties. Until the development and widespread adoption of antibiotics, dilute solutions of AgNO3 used to be dropped into newborn babies' eyes at birth to prevent contraction of gonorrhea from the mother. Eye infections and blindness of newborns was reduced by this method; incorrect dosage, however, could cause blindness in extreme cases. This protection was first used by Credé in 1881.[8][9][10] Fused silver nitrate, shaped into sticks, was traditionally called ‘lunar caustic’. It is used as a cauterizing agent, for example to remove granulation tissue around a stoma. Dentists sometimes use silver nitrate infused swabs to heal oral ulcers. Silver nitrate is also used by some podiatrists to kill cells located in the nail bed. Silver nitrate is also used to cauterize superficial blood vessels in the nose to help prevent nose bleeds.


Antimicrobial uses %u2022Water disinfection in hotels and hospitals
%u2022Postharvest cleaning of oysters and crabs
%u2022Inhibition of bacterial growth on chicken farms
%u2022Water recycling aboard space shuttles
%u2022Home purification of water in Europe and North America
%u2022Point of use disinfectant for water and vegetables in Mexico
%u2022Alternative to antibiotics (not recommended by the FDA)
%u2022Alternative to laundry detergent[dubious %u2013 discuss]
%u2022Application to eyes of newborn babies to prevent infection
%u2022Coating on catheters to prevent infection

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