dvr Silver Nitrate 50 ML Pkg

Silver nitrate, 7761-88-8, AgNO3, MW 169.87 is a white crystalline that is readily soluble in water. Silver nitrate is light sensitive and should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated place. Silver nitrate is used in organic synthesis, photography, silver plating, silver staining in histology, and as a silver patina.

Technical Specifications:


Physical state and appearance



Not available.


Bitter. Metallic

Molecular Weight

169.87 g/mole


Colorless. White.

pH (1% soln/water)

6 – 7 [slightly acidic to neutral]

Boiling Point

Decomposition temperature: 440°C (824°F)

Melting Point

212°C (413.6°F)

Critical Temperature

Not available.

Specific Gravity

4.35 (Water = 1)

Vapor Pressure

Not applicable.

Vapor Density

5.8 (Air = 1)


Not available.

Odor Threshold

Not available.

Water/Oil Dist. Coeff

Not available.

Ionicity (in Water)

Not available.

Dispersion Properties:

See solubility in water, diethyl ether.

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