dvr Silica Test Kit


30 mL *Silica Test kit #1 *4571-G
15 mL *Silica Test kit #2 *4467-E
15 mL *Silica Test kit #3 *4468-E
5 mL *Reducing Reagent *6405-C
2 Test Tubes, 5 mL, glass, w/caps 0106
1 Pipet, plain, plastic 0352
1 Pipet, 0.5 mL, plastic 0353
1 Silica Octa-Slide 2 Bar,0.5-10.0 ppm 4465-01
1 Octa-Slide 2 Viewer 1101

*WARNING: Reagents marked with an * are considered to be potential health hazards. To view or print a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for these reagents go to 
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The Octa-Slide 2 Viewer should be held so non-direct light enters through the back of the Viewer. Insert the reacted sample into the top of the Viewer. Slide the Octa-Slide 2 Bar into the Viewer and match the color of the reaction to the color standards. 

1. Fill test tube (0106) to 5 mL line with sample water.
2. Add 7 drops of *Silica Test kit #1 (4571). Cap and mix by inverting 4 times.
3. Add 6 drops of *Silica Test kit #2  (4467). Cap and mix. Wait 5 minutes.
4. Add 6 drops of *Silica Test kit #3 (4468). Cap and mix. Wait 2 minutes.
5. Use pipet (0352) to add 2 drops of *Reducing Reagent (6405). Cap and mix. A BLUE color will develop in 10 seconds if  
    silica is present.
6. Insert the Silica Octa-Slide 2 Bar (4465-01) into the Octa-Slide 2 Viewer (1101).
7. Insert test tube into the Octa-Slide 2 Viewer. Match sample color to a color standard. Record as ppm Silica.

NOTE: If test color is darker than the 10.0 ppm standard, repeat test on diluted sample. Use pipet (0353) to add 0.5 mL of water sample to test tube. Dilute to 5 mL line with deionized water. Follow Steps 2 through 6 above. Multiply result by 10. Record as ppm Silica 

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