dvr Silcomine (Silicon+Amino)

Silicomines (Silicon+Amino) is a reactive amino functionalized silicone fluid developed for use as a base in formulating textile softeners and lubricants. It is a cost effective amino silicone that imparts a typical soft amino hand.

Technical Specifications:


Appearance Clear to slightly hazy
Odour Slight amine odour
Viscosity (250C) 800-5,000 cst
Specific Gravity (250C) 0.98
Active Content % 100
Amine Number 0.4
Using Procedure:

Silicomines (Silicon+Amino) is designed as a base fluid for formulating both amino micro and macro emulsions that are used as textile softeners in fabric finishing processes. It may be used as a stand alone or in conjunction with organic softeners. Silicomines (Silicon+Amino) can be emulsified using a conventional mixer or homo-mixer to get a clear emulsion.


Key features of Silicomines (Silicon+Amino) include:

  • Smooth, silky soft hand
  • Durable softness
  • Good drape characteristics
  • Increased fabric elasticity and crease recovery
  • Improved wrinkle recovery and lubricity

Before handling, read the Material Safety Data Sheet and container label for safe use, physical and health hazard information

When stored in the original, unopened containers between 10 and 400C, Silicomines (Silicon+Amino)  has a shelf life of 24 months from date of manufacture.

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