dvr Scale Mineral Cleaner

Very effective products to remove MINERAL SCALE deposits from SURFACES.  Safer to handle and store also Classified as a mild skin irritant. This is highly concentrated PHOSPHATE FREE , non fuming ,  non hazardous and biodegradable ingredient.

High performance & cost ratio when dissolving calcium carbonate.
RXSOL-15-3011 is 4 to 10 times more effective than Citric and Glycolic acid
RXSOL-15-3011 is 2 to 3 times more effective than phosphoric acid

Free from bleaching agent , Low contributor to BOD/COD in effluents.

FIELDS :  RXSOL-15-3011 is a very good and powerfull cleaner . Also suitable for  HOME & INSTITUTIONAL Tub & tile cleaners, Grout cleaners Bay & wall cleaners
Bowl cleaners Locomotive cleaners
Soap scum ring line remover Concrete truck & equipment cleaners.
Carpet pre-spotters
Metal cleaners
Concrete floor cleaners


High performance & cost ratio when dissolving calcium carbonate. Suitable for cleaning of 

MARINE & Heavy Industries :

%u2022 Air compressors %u2022 Engine blocks

%u2022 Air conditioning %u2022 Engine cooling systems

%u2022 Air ejectors %u2022 Engine heads

%u2022 Boilers %u2022 Engine manifolds

%u2022 Booster heaters %u2022 Evaporators

%u2022 Bow thrusters %u2022 Feed water heaters

%u2022 Bumpers %u2022 Fenders

%u2022 Buoys %u2022 Fire mains

%u2022 Chillers %u2022 Generators

%u2022 Condensers %u2022 Heat exchangers

%u2022 Control valves %u2022 Hulls

%u2022 Cylinder jackets %u2022 Intake screens

%u2022 Desalination units %u2022 Keel coolers

%u2022 Diesel engines %u2022 Lube oil coolers

%u2022 Distilling plants %u2022 Propellers


RXSOL-15-3011  is a low pH organic salt that is used to replace traditional strong corrosive acids. Compatible with mild steel and most of surfaces.


FOOD AND DAIRY CLEANERS: Very effective Phosphate free Beer stone and Milkstone removers, Also excellent replacement for phosphoric and nitric acid


The very good controller of  ZEBRA MUSSELS which can grow so densely that they block pipelines, clogging water intakes of municipal water supplies and hydroelectric companies.

To clean a dirty grout, you can dilute 1:2 to 1:4. For a normal maintenance, this product has to be diluted 1:10. Before Cleaning. 

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