dvr Scale Inhibitor 170

Liquid industrial synthetics Use to prevent scaling formation. This blend of scale and corrosion inhibitors to control systems formation of scale and corrosion.

Scale is the precipitate that forms on surfaces in contact with water as a result of the precipitation of normally soluble solids that become insoluble as temperature increases. The chemical treatment of water associated with oil and gas includes the application of scale inhibitors, such as phosphonates, to help maintain the integrity of equipment that is used during the drilling and production phases. Treatment is used to Reduce the concentration of scale forming compounds that can accumulate in production wells, water and disposal wells, flowlines and surface equipment. The accumulation of scale can reduce flowrates or for instance, lower efficiencies in heat exchangers. Scale inhibiting chemicals can be applied up or downhole of the wellhead and are in general, classified into four categories: Oil-Miscible, Totally Water Free, Emulsified and Solid. Depending on the mineral content present in the water, duration of the project and operation needs, the chemicals can be applied continuously or in scale squeeze applications.

Technical Specifications:

 Physical Properties :

 Appearance  : Liquid
 Colour : Dark Brown 
 Odour : Amine 
pH Value (Conc) : 3.4-5.4 Viscosity 1-20 Cst @ 100f
Relative Density : 1.01-1.21 @ 60f
Solubility :  Soluble In Water

Scale Inhibitor 170 is a high-efficient chelating scale inhibitor, it has good effect to carbonate and sulfate scale. It is an adsorption-type scale inhibitor consisting of polymers of novel phosphonate monomers. Phosphorous-containing functional groups have been incorporated in to a polymeric scale inhibitor. Additional phosphonate groups not only increase the scale control activity but also enhance adsorption of the scale inhibitor onto rocks and provide analytical means for determining scale inhibitor concentration.Scale Inhibitor 170 has high calcium ion tolerance in a wide pH ranges and temperature as high as 120%u2103

Scale Inhibitor 170 can be used as scale and corrosion inhibitor for oilfield water, industrial circulating water. Scale Inhibitor 170  inhibitor was specifically developed for use in matrix treatments when treating carbonate reservoirs. Pumping scale inhibitor during acidizing of carbonate reservoirs eliminates the need for a separate inhibitor squeeze treatment.

Scale Inhibitor 170 also be used for continuous injection and squeeze applications, depending on the composition of the produced water. For continuous injection, typical treating rates vary between 10 ug/g and 50 ug/g. In squeeze treatments, the inhibitor is mixed in a water-base fluid at concentrations between 5% and 30%.

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