dvr Safe Scale Remover with Indicator

Safe scale Cleaner with end point colour Indicator. Low Foaming Solution. Safely removes scale from cooling towers, pipes, Boilers, Calorifiers, Heat exchanges, diesel engine cooling system, Condensers, Evaporators & other types of equipment where rust & scale form without system shutdown


It Effectively Removes Scale, Heavy Slime and Algae from surface. RXSOL 555 is an inhibited phosphoric acid descaler which is much safer and non-fuming. Also  safe on paint.


Before using this product, check its suitability on galvanised surfaces by making a 50/50 solution with water and dabbing on a non-critical surface. If no discolouration accurs, it is safe to continue. 


Typically  3% concnetrated solution of RXSOL-22-2210-200 (  3 Ltr for each 100 liters ) of system circulate in system to operate normally for 24-48 hours with the bleed  line turned off,  then  drain  the whole system. Repeat 2 or 3 times the normal rate to dilute unused RXSOL-22-2210-200. 


RXSOL-22-2210-200 is  colour  coded.  When first added to the  system, the system water will be red in colour. As RXSOL-22-2210-200 works  at dissolving  scale, it will change to yellow. When this happens, simply add more RXSOL-22-2210-200 to  the  system  until  the  system water is red again, then allow the system water to circulate process until the system water just remains red.

Using Procedure:

Safe Scale Remover with colour Indicator – Red to Yellow
RXSOL-22-2210-200  is mixed with fresh water 3 to 20 percent ( 3 Ltr to 100 Ltr water ) depending on deposition of scaling.

The most effective method is circulation for large systems or components like boilers, evaporators, condensers, heat exchangers and generally closed systems that have the capability to circulate at a temperature of approximately 40-60°C, for 6-12 hours and solutions of 5-40% of RXSOL-22-2210-200 in water. Keep in mind that the strength of the solution is analogous to the degree of deposition of scale .
In case of small components , the soak method in an immersion bath can be used.

If the equipment to be cleaned is contaminated by oil, grease, sludge or carbonized oil, then first of all clean the system with degreaser  RXSOL-10-1005. RXSOL-22-2210-200 should be mixed with fresh water to form a solution of 10-30%, depending on the extent of scaling.  

PRECAUTION :::it is essential to thoroughly rinse all metal surfaces at least once with a 0.5% solution of  RXSO-20-2005  in fresh water. This solution should be circulated for 2-4 hours or until an acceptable pH value is obtained. This will neutralize any remaining acidity & passivate steel surfaces.

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