dvr Safe Parts Washing Solvent

This parts washing cleaner compound is specifically  formulated for use in recirculating parts washer equipment.  This parts cleaner provides an economical and effective method for cleaning metal parts while being gentle on the hands.  Grease, oil, dirt, sludge, grime, ink, light carbon and similar soils are dissolved with minimal soaking and brushing.  Machine shops, garages, factories, industrial repair shops and automobile make-ready facilities will find this product to be an ideal compound for use in their recirculating parts washer units.

Technical Specifications:


Color%u2026%u2026%u2026%u2026%u2026%u2026%u2026%u2026%u2026.Light Blue


Dilution%u2026%u2026%u2026%u2026%u2026%u2026%u2026%u2026…Ready to Use

Flash point%u2026%u2026%u2026%u2026%u2026%u2026%u2026…>  140 Degrees F.



This cleaning solvent contains corrosion inhibitors to protect metal parts that have been cleaned with this product.  These special inhibitors will stop parts from rusting and help protect parts if they are stored for long periods of time. 

RXSOL-10-1728 contains skin conditioners to condition your skin if it comes in contact with this product.  This parts washing solvent contains no chlorinated solvents or other CFC%u2019s that are known to harm the environment.

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