dvr RXSOL Silica Sol 30%

Silica Sol has many applications for paper, fibers, steel and catalysts. Most recently, it has been used by the semiconductor industry as a polishing agent for silicon wafers. Without the development of chemicals such as Silica Sol, the electronics industry would not be where it is today. Silica Sol comes in a variety of types to suit your needs

Technical Specifications:


COLOR: Milky white FORM: Liquid ODOR: Odorless
SPECIFIC GRAVITY: 1.38-1.40 @ 68°C ASTM D-1298
pH (NEAT) = 9.8-10.2 ASTM E-70
VISCOSITY: 25cps @ 77°F ASTM D-2983
BOILING POINT: 100°C @ 760 mm Hg ASTM D-86

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Using Procedure:

Particles and Surface State

Silica Sol made by growing mono-dispersed, negatively charged, amorphous silica particles in water. OH ions exist at the surface of the particles with an electric double layer formed by alkali ions. Stabilization is achieved by the repulsion between the same negatively charged particles. Disturbance of the charge balance will cause the Silica Sol to aggregate, resulting in high viscosity or gelation of the solution.

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