dvr RXSOL RX 8

Removal of scale without scrubbing can be possible with RX 8 solution. This Kettle Descaler helps to disolve lime scale chemically and avoid formation of scratches on shining surfaces of kettle.

RX 8 Lime eater dissolves hard and old lime scale deposits from your appliances. It extends the life of the appliance and saves running cost.Highly effective acid based descaler for kettles

Technical Specifications:

Appearance; yellow liquid

pH: 1.5

Shelf life: 24 months

Dilution: Ready to use


Using Procedure:

Kettle De scalling procedure :::

Use instructions 

1. Fill 3/4 parts of  kettle with water  and makes it boil fully , then disconnect heating procedure before going to 2nd step.
2. Add amount of RX 8 and leave to work. ( doses can vary on deposition of scale, For general and routine cleaning add 3 – 5% )
3. After cleaning effect flush / wash with fresh water.
4. Extra cleaning can be repeated with once more Boil water without addition of RX8 and pour away before using again. 


For removing the scale.

Other Cleaner :::


Others Grade :::

RXSOL RX1 (Orange colour) Sanitizer Use in washroom (Tap, washbasin, tiles)
RXSOL RX2 (Green Colour) Multi task Cleaner
RXSOL RX3 (Sky Blue ) Glass Cleaner
RXSOL RX4 (white Colour) Furniture Polish (Ready to Use) wooden floor, chairs legs, work stations.
RXSOL RX5 (Pink) Fragrance (Ready to use)
RXSOL RX6 (Blue) W.C cleaner (Ready to use)
RXSOL RX7 (Green colour) Floor Cleaner
RXSOL RX9 (No Colour) water Patch Cleaner, greasy marks

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