dvr RXSOL RX 4

Non-aerosol spray furniture polish for the quick and easy maintenance of wood and laminate hard surfaces (e.g. furniture, doors).

Key properties
%u2022 Dries quickly
%u2022 Buffable to a high gloss
%u2022 Formulated with high-quality maintenance ingredients
%u2022 Pleasant, fresh Room Care fragrance


RXSOL RX 4  is ready to use – apply undiluted.


RXSOL RX4 (white Colour) Furniture Polish (Ready to Use) wooden floor, chairs legs, work stations.

Others Grade :::

RXSOL RX1 (Orange colour) Sanitizer Use in washroom (Tap, washbasin, tiles)
RXSOL RX2 (Green Colour) Multi task Cleaner
RXSOL RX3 (Sky Blue ) Glass Cleaner
RXSOL RX5 (Pink) Fragrance (Ready to use)
RXSOL RX6 (Blue) W.C cleaner (Ready to use)
RXSOL RX7 (Green colour) Floor Cleaner
RXSOL RX9 (No Colour) water Patch Cleaner, greasy marks

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