dvr RXSOL Rusto Bright

A chemical Brighting prepration for  polishing product, RXSOL RUSTO BRIGHT is a  mixture of concentrated inorganic acid for brightening and chemically polishing , Aluminium,copper and copper based alloys. It  is an acid form also containing surfactant,suppressant and inhibitor for chemical poli shing (bright dipping) of most non ferou alloys. This formulation is widely used commercially. RXSOL-16-1694-025 contains additives to reduce nitrogen oxide fumes and to enhance the brightening ability.

Technical Specifications:

Appearance %u2013               Transparent Liquid
Sp. Gr. At 25 C –           1.15 to 1.2
PH Value –                    2.0 to 2.5
Water Compatibility –  Should be water compatible.
Stickness %u2013                  Non Sticky & Free flowing

Using Procedure:

Use as received to immerse and agitate the parts for 1 – 3 minutes, depending on the condition of the parts before dipping and the desired results. Before dipping, parts should preferably be as chemically clean as before electroplating, but degreasing is adequate, although some shortening of bath life may be expected. Temperature should be kept below 90F for best results. For heavy production, some form of cooling may be required.

Following the dip, rinsing must be thorough to remove the viscous acids remaining on the parts.For subsequent electroplating or water-dip lacquering, no further treatment is required. If the parts are to be dried, a further dip in Quik-Dri 1000 will insure spot free drying and will aid in the tarnish prevention.



  • Excellent polishing and smoothing action
  • Long use life provided water drag-in is kept to a minimum
  • Slow rate of metal removal
  • Contains no chromic acid
  • Less fuming than sulfuric/nitric bright dips
  • No residual passive film to inhibit electroplating
  • Used at room temperature


RXSOL RC 4100 is a mixture of concentrated acids with Inhibitor and wetting agents and the normal safety precautions for handling such acids apply. Avoid skin, eye and oral contact. Wear protective clothing, gloves and goggles when handling the product. Flush exposed areas immediately with clean, cold water. Contact a doctor immediately in case of injury.

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