dvr RXSOL ORG 961 Corrosion Preventative

RXSOL ORG 961 is a blend of surfactants, corrosion inhibitors and oil in a petroleum-based solvent. It is designed to have excellent dewatering and penetrating properties and will leave a thin, oily film on articles to which it is applied. This film will impart good corrosion protection. It is not recommended for outdoor storage protection.

Technical Specifications:

Physical Properties

Appearance : Clear Liquid
Colour : Straw
Density : 0.80 g/ml @ 20 °C.
Flash point : 38°C minimum
Coverage Area : 20  – 25 m²/litre Approx

RXSOL ORG 961 Corrosion Preventative can be used in a wide variety of industrial  applications where excellent rust & corrosion protection, filterability and water resistance are desired. In corrosion preventive applications, it is particularly useful for steel parts because of its outstanding non-staining properties. 

  • As a good manufacturing practice, these Product should be applied immediately after the operation where short terms storage of components is required.
  • Dewatering and temporary corrosion protection after pickling.
  • Temporary protection in inter-stage fabrication and storage of parts, sub-assemblies, dies and tools.
  • Penetrating fluid for freeing seized components.
  • Restoring wet electrical equipment to working order without the necessity for drying out.
  •  Preservation of gas turbine compressors.
  • Maintenance protection of on-site plant and equipment.
Using Procedure:

The preferred methods of application of RXSOL ORG 961 are by spraying, brushing or swabbing. It may, however, also be applied by dipping, in which case tanks should be constructed with a sloping or conical bottom so that any water which collects may be easily run off. RXSOL ORG 961  is also available in an aerosol pack for ease of application. Extension tubes are supplied with the aerosols so that the product may be sprayed into crevices, recesses etc. RXSOL ORG 961 coatings may be removed with white spirit, RXSOL 2002 etc.


Effects on materials :

When used in the prescribed manner RXSOL ORG 961 will have no deleterious effect on most materials of construction or good quality paint schemes. Some types of rubber, however, will swell after prolonged contact.

Future & Benefit :

  • Dry to touch
  • Good coverage due to low viscosity-high floawability& high penetration properties
  • Less consumption due to thin film
  • Doesnot contaminate cutting fluids
  • Excellent protection against acidic and saline environments
  • Excellent Dewatering & Degreasing Properties
  • Finger Print Remover
  • Doesnot produce fumes during welding or heat treatment
  • Non Sticky washable film

Solubility : 

Soluble in petroleum and synthetic lubricant base stocks and most common solvents. Insoluble in water. However, it is recommended to verify the solubility in the base oils used and the compatibility with other additives.

Storage : Store in a cool, dry place away from any direct source of heat and moisture. Maximum recommended storage temperature: 46ºC (115ºF).

Handling : Avoid all personal contact. Observe good personal hygiene.

Shelf Life : Best if used within 3 years from date of manufacture.


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