dvr RXSOL ORG – 9 Furniture Polish Cleaner

RXSOL-15-2068-025 is a fully active cleaner specially formulated  for the removal of  Furniture Polish & tuff adhesive residues. Furniture Polish removed and cleaning is active without the need for Scrubbing or Brushing  which can cause mechanical damages to discs and result in poor performance. Field test have shown that RXSOL-15-2068-025 is very gentle with personnel and on Wood surface.%u201C RXSOL-15-2068-025%u201D should always be used at full strength to obtain maximum benefits.

RXSOL-15-2068-025 is a unique formulation of powerful surfactants and  organic solvents.It does not contain any chlorinated solvents of Phenols & has less than 10% Aromatics & surfactants in the product do not contain any alkyl phenol ethoxylates.


Cleaning time  will vary depending on the extract nature and thickness of deposit  to be removal. Stubborn deposits should be scrubbed to assist the cleaning operation. Your local Rx Marine International representative will work with you to design the optimum  concentration & procedure for your system.


  • Unique chemical formulation.
  • Non- toxic.
  • Extends time between cleans.
  • Safe to handle.
  • Effective removal of Furniture Polish  and Adhesive.
  • Can be applied by all normal methods.
  • Formulated to be very cost effective.
  • Does not contain chlorinated hydrocarbons.
  • Can be used on all metals & most painted surfaces.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Non-Corrosive.
  • 100% Active.
  • Dries Completely.
  • Does not require special feeding equipment for safe application.
  • Reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

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