dvr RXSOL ORG – 15 (Asphasol)

RXSOL ORG -15 (Asphasol)  shale inhibitor is a partially water soluble, water dispersible blend, containing sulfonated organic resins for water-base muds. It aids in stabilizing shale sections, controlling solids dispersion and improving wall cake characteristics. Being partially soluble, RXSOL ORG -15 (Asphasol) has the capability of plugging micro-fractured shales and sealing shales so that the hydrostatic overbalance from the fluid column is not transmitted to the pore pressure network of shale formations adjacent to the wellbore.


RXSOL ORG -15 (Asphasol)  can be used in most water base muds. It is a free-flowing powder and can be added directly to the mud system through the mixing hopper. Unlike other shale control additives, it is not necessary to premix Rxsol ORG -15 (Asphasol)  with oil and it contains no surfactants. Normal concentrations of Rxsol ORG -15 (Asphasol)  range from 4 to 10 lb/bbl (11.4 to 28.5 kg/m3) for most applications.

In water%u2010base drilling fluid systems, Rxsol ORG -15 (Asphasol)  inhibitor exhibits the following characteristics:

  •     Stabilizes shales.
  •     Lowers torque and drag.
  •     Reduces high%u2010temperature fluid loss.
  •     Produces thin%u2010walled filtercakes.
  •     Improves bore hole stability.

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