dvr Rustochem 680 Derusting Solution

RXSOL RUSTOCHEM 680 is DERUSTING SOLUTION and an aqueous  mixture, soluble in varying proportions with water. It is a very effective degreaser,scales and rust remover from the metal . It is highly concentrate and easly desolves oil and grease. It has long chain molecular surfactant which provide complete cleaning of surface and prepair base for phosphate coating, zinc coating and painting.RXSOL RUSTOCHEM 680 is used at low temperatures and low concentrations and does not give rise to scale or sludge nor does it generate fumes in working environment. A uniform matt finish is produced over a wide concentration range with a low level of metal removal.

Using Procedure:

This is highly concentrate product and exact parameters should be set after trials. Normal dose is 25 -30% bath concentration on room temprature.

Control & maintenance :

  • Fresh addition of RXSOL RUSTOCHEM 680   should be made daily to maintain strength of solution by titration procedure.
  • Fresh bath should be prepared only when there is excess build-up of soils from heavily oiled surfaces, or when normal additions does not restore original rate
  • Oil floating on top should be skimmed off daily
  • Solution should be desludged / filtered once every 3-4 weeks
  • Stir/agitate the solution everyday before starting to process

RXSOL RUSTOCHEM 680  is most suitable for pre-treatments before Phosphate coating, zinc coating and painting as it performs three functions simultaneously mainly that of degreasing, etching and desmutting. Phophate coatings thus produced after pretreatment with RXSOL RUSTOCHEM 680  are uniform and adherent. RXSOL RUSTOCHEM 680 is most suitable by dipping process. It is to be used in plastic tank or container.


Precautions :

  • Avoid contact with skin, eyes & clothing
  • Protective clothing such as pvc/rubber gloves, eye goggles and aprons should be worn while handling or working with RXSOL RUSTOCHEM 680  
  • For splashes/splatters on eyes or skin wash with fresh water continuously for 1 minute then apply calcium gluconate gel and massage into affected area. consult physician if necessary

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