dvr Rust Stain Remover SAFE JELLY

Bio degradable NON Hazardous Rust Remover , SUITABLE FOR vertical rust removal,   Its Rust removal solution is safe and non flamable so even it can be ship by air .
Recommended to use a RXSOL ORG – 6 wash after rust removal , to protect FURTHER RUSTING.

For safe and easy removal of rust from iron and steel. RXSOL Jelly is useful for preparing metal surfaces for painting. Paint will adhere better to iron and steel surfaces when cleaned will RXSOL Jelly. It is also an ideal pretreatment for all galvanized surfaces prior to painting.

Technical Specifications:

Technical Information

Appearance: Clear Viscous Liquid   Solubility: 100%
Density: 8.67Lbs./Gal.   pH Level: 1
Odor: Mild   Rinsing: Complete
Flash Point: None   Stability: Stable
Foaming: Moderate    


For general cleaning of iron and steel, apply full strength with a paint brush, roller or sponge. Allow a dwell time of 5 to 20 minutes depending on the amount of rust to be removed. If heavy encrustations are present, use a wire brush to clean before applying. In severe conditions, it may be necessary to apply RXSOL Jelly several times. If this occurs, allow a longer dwell time, overnight if possible.

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