dvr Rig Wash / T-Pol Multipurpose Detergent

T.POL MULTI PURPOSE DETERGENT isthe original quality detergent. Constantly update and based on scientific. Blend of active material to meet the modern day requirements of all general cleaning and manual washing operation. Pleasantly  perfumed, color greened and radial soluble in water it is easy to use and safe to use on all hard surface.

It is widely acknowledge by institutional, catering, janitorial,  industrial ,Domestic and Oil Field . User as being one of the most cost effective cleaning product. T-Pol (MPD)  has many years of proven safety in use , is fully biodegradable and under normal storage condition has a minimum shelf life of 4 year the various application.


Application and Doses :


Application                                                                      Use Rates                                      comments   

Bath basins                                                            half capful (9 m l s) per         Wipe over with a wet cloth, Dry 

Tiles Window                                                        5 liters warm water                  and polish with a clean cloth


Paint work, floors                                                 1 capful (18 mls) per              Rinse with clean water. Wipe

Lavatories.                                                             5 liter Warm Water                 Down with a clean cloth


Dishwashing.                                                         1 Capful (18 mls)                  changing the washing up water

                                                                                5 liter hot water.                        Every 20 minu tes or as required


Woodwork, vinyl                                                  1 capful (18 mls) per               Avoid over Wetting. Rinse

Linoleum.                                                              5 liter cold water.                     And dry                 


Vinyl and Leather                                                 half capful (9 mls) per            Apply with Sponge or Cloth,

Upholstery.                                                           5 liter warm water.                    Wipe over with clean cloth,

                                                                                                                                    And rinse out regularly.


Car and Vehicle                                                    half capful (9 mls) per              apply by sponge or brush and

Washing garage use.                                        5 liters of Luke warm water.      Rinse with clean water and dry.



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