dvr Rig Wash Liquid Concentrate 1000 Ltr

Specially designed to used in any pressure washing machine range or mopping. This product is blend of monomer which helps to loose oil particle and increase water misicicibility with surfactant.  Its High penetration formula  deep into recesses and crevice of equipment and machinery to chase out soils without disassembling. The resultant run-off will not harm tarmac or asphalt and painted surfaces.


RXSOL-16-1014-100 is a heavy duty surfactant based cleaner for use with high presure cleanign machines. Ideal for difficult cleaning problems faced in industrial and other plants. 

Also can be use in tank cleaning or general degreasing of engine rooms, cargo hold, refrigerated rooms etc. It can be used with either hard or soft water. Also available in powder from.


Rig Wash and pressure cleaner is for all temperature has a powerful and fast wetting and penetrating action which enable it to remove heavy deposits of oil, dirt and grease from concrete or metal surfaces, vessel bilge decks, engine room and drill floor etc.

Also acts as an acid-neutralizing agent for Boiler & Colling systems during cleaning & maintenance. NOTE : FREE FROM CAUSTIC

Why it is better then OTHERS cleaner ?


%u21D4Remains stable at high or low temperatures
%u21D4Can be used with steam cleaners or cold washers.
%u21D4No clogged coils
%u21D4No undissolved particles.
%u21D4100% water soluble in soft or hard water.
%u21D4Non-flammable and biodegradable.
%u21D4No harsh fumes in use
%u21D4Ideal for use in wherever galleys, galleys, cabin, engine room, bilges, drill floors etc.
%u21D4Non-corrosive does not attack metal surfaces, Contain-non caustic.
%u21D4Compatible with oily water separators. Releasing the oil phase for reclamation. Suitable for all types of floors. Deodorizing nature
%u21D4Eliminates the need to buy & stock duplicate  products  because of its effectiveness.
%u21D4An economic highly concentrated product.

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