dvr Rig Wash Green 25 Ltr

RXSOL-16-1043-025 is a heavy duty emulsifier based cleaner, specially formulated for all types of water condition even with HARD WATER and for use with high-pressure cleaning machines. Ideal for difficult cleaning problems faced in industrial and other plants.  Its grease CUTTER and wetting agents ingredients makes This product excellent chemical cleaning action and does an excellent job without leaving any film or residue to recollect dirt, grease or grime.

Also acts as an acid-neutralizing agent for Boiler & Colling systems during cleaning & maintenance.
Use in tank cleaning or general degreasing of engine rooms, cargo hold, refrigerated rooms etc.

Using Procedure:


Disperse / Scatter Method: First of all Wet floor or surface to be cleaned, then cover all surface by dispersal of concentrate chemical here and there ( not clustered in a single place )  finally scrub with a deck brush then hose clean with water.

Mop Method: Dilute 50 -100 ml . of this product with 4-5 litres of water then mop out entire surface area.

for cleaning of Walls And Equipment: Dissolve 50 – 100 ml . of the product with 4-5 litres of water. Apply by rag or brush. Agitate, then rinse with clean water spray.

High-Pressure Washing & Steam Cleaning: Heavy-Duty Clean­ing: Dissolve 1 Ltr. of this product per 40 – 50 Ltrs of water. Medium-Duty Cleaning: Dissolve 500 ml . of this product per 40 -50 Ltrs of water.


1 lbs = 0.45359237 kg


NFPA Rating                            : Health-1;  Flammability-0; Reactivity-0; Special-0              

HMIS Rating                            : Health-1; Flammability-0; Reactivity-0; Personal Protection-B                

Its formulation makes this product user friendly and highly effective in all types of water conditions , even in HARD WATER . and easily missicible with HOT or COLD water.        


Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing by use of protective equipment and clothing , Do not mix with any other chemicals such as cleaning compounds or acids. Can cause severe burns. For eye or skin contact, flush area for 15 minutes with water. If ingested drink mild solution of vinegar drink , under doctor supervision

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