dvr Reverse Demulsifier

RXSOL Reverse Demulsifier is a proprietary blend of surfactants designed to release emulsified crude oil from the water phase.RXSOL Reverse Demulsifier is a fast acting demulsifier which liberates the oil and leaves a clear water phase.

Technical Specifications:

Typical Properties



Clear amber liquid

Specific Gravity


1.0 @ 20°C



6.0 %u2013 7.0

Boiling Point



Flash Point


Non Flammable





RXSOL Reverse Demulsifier  is used for breaking oil in water emulsions. It is a powerful flocculant to clarify oily water from produced water. It is water soluble and effectively cleans the produced water from oil. It can be also used for Produced Water from Separators, Tanks, Inert Gas Floatation Unit, Free Water Separators etc. It is an efficient flocculating agent and increases the Floc Size of previously flocculated suspensions. A greater Floc promotes faster settling and improves the filtration rate.


Precautions For Use:

Exposure limits

: No limits applicable.

Personal protection

: The use of rubber gloves and eye protection is advised.


: Adequate ventilation is advised.


: Non flammable


: Use commercial absorbents and standard clean-up methods, adhere to State and Federal Laws. The product is not regarded as harmful to the environment

Advantage :

  • Fast acting demulsification of crude oil
  • Extremely effective for high water cut emulsions.

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