dvr Refrigerants HFC R407C

A synthetic HFC refrigerant which is harmless to the ozone layer. The gas is used in a variety of maritime refrigeration applications such as high and medium temperature applications (evaporating temperatures of -25 to +15° C).

R407C is a blend of HFC refrigerants designed to replace R22 in air conditioning applications. It's composition comprises: HFC-32 (23%), HFC-125 (25%), HFC-134a (52%). 

Technical Specifications:
Contents   12.3
Weight : 11
Colour : Orange Brown
GWP : 1775

ODP = Ozone Depletion Potential
GWP = Global Warming Potential (IPCC Fourth Assessment Report – AR4)


We also keeping ready stock of refrigerants including R22, R134a, R123, R404A, R407C and R507



  • All refillable cylinders are inspected prior to refilling.
  • Residue refrigerant recovered to prevent environmental damage.
  • Content is 100% genuine refrigerant from approved producer.
  • Conforms to ARI-700 purity standard.
  • Suitable for new systems and retrofits.


  • Worldwide compliance
  • Assured quality
  • Refillable cylinders

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