dvr Potassium Silicate Solution

Potassium silicates are widely used in Oilfield applications in drilling fluid formulations for cleaning the drilling bit and carrying the rock cuttings to the surface.  Other Oilfield applications include well conformance, cementing, treatment/remediation, and enhanced oil recovery.

Technical Specifications:

Physical Properties :

Appearance : White Color

Solubility : Soluble in water, Increase the Solubility with temperature Insoluble in Alcohol.

pH (10% soln. at 25º) : 11 -11.5

Moisture : NMT 5%


It used for well conformance, cementing, treatment/remediation, and enhanced oil recovery.Potassium Silicate Powder is organic approved for use in Agricultural crop, fruits and vegetables other benefit are gained by using Potassium Silicate increased tolerance of environment stress, heated cold, drought, water and soil toxicity or deficiency improved growth rate. Potassium Silicate plays active role in combating fungal growth by production of poly phenolic compounds which play major role against fungal and insect or attacks.


Advantage  :
%u2022 Organic Registered Products
%u2022 Improve the photo synthesis
%u2022 Reduce the negativity of Excess Aluminums, Sodium, Manganese
%u2022 Increase the plant growth, yield and quality.
%u2022 Increase the reproduction by improving pollination and Patten fertility
%u2022 Prevents fungal, bacterial and mile attraction.
%u2022 Increase the tolerance of zinc deficiencies.

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