dvr Potassium Permagnate 500 Gram

Crystals or granules are dark purple with a metallic sheen, sometimes with a dark bronze-like appearance. Free-Flowing Grade is gray due to an additive. Potassium permanganate has a sweetish, astringent taste and is odorless.


Almost all applications of potassium permanganate exploit its oxidizing properties. As a strong oxidant that does not generate toxic byproducts, KMnO4  has many niche uses. One of the uses can be said to be as a fixative. This list is by no means the  only applications that Potassium Permanganate is used for, but it covers some of the more common applications. The optimum condition under which it is to be used can be easily established through technical service evaluations or laboratory testing.

Water Treatment – Oxidizes iron, manganese, and hydrogensulfide; controls taste and odor; and is an alternate pre-oxidant for Disinfection By-Product (THMs and HAAs) control.

Municipal Wastewater Treatment – Destroys hydrogen sulfide in wastewater and sludge. Improves sludge dewatering. Industrial Wastewater Treatment – Oxidizes hydrogen sulfide, phenols, iron, manganese, and many other organic and inorganic contaminants; resultant manganese dioxide aids in removing heavy metals.

Metal Surface Treatment – Conditions mill scale and smut to facilitate subsequent removal by acid pickling in wrought metals manufacturing and jet engine cleaning. Purification of Gases – Removes trace impurities of sulfur, arsine, phosphine, silane, borane, and sulfides from carbon dioxide and other industrial gases.

Mining and Metallurgical – Aids in separation of molybdenum from copper; removes impurities from zinc and cadmium; oxidizes flotation compounds. Removes iron and manganese from acid mine drainage.

Chemical manufacture and processing: Aids in synthesis of organic products for the chemical process and pharmaceutical industries.

Aquaculture (fish farming):  Controls fish diseases and parasites, and detoxifies poisons while relieving oxygen depletion in fish ponds.

Air and gas purification: Removes pollutants from air and impurities from industrial gases, and quenches slag from foundry operations.

Fumigation of Poultry farms, Hatcheries, Mushroom farms, other culture environment and Operation theatres in Hospitals

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