dvr Potassium Iodide-Iodate Titrant

Standard potassium iodide-iodate titrant standardized to 0.0125N

Titrate with potassium iodide-iodate titrant  until end point and faint permanent blue color develops.

Calculation of Results

FORMULA:    ppm sulfite as SO3  = ml  of potassium iodide-iodate (RXSOL-62-5503-006)  x       500    /  ml SAMPLE  

                        Using a 50 ml sample, sulfite, in parts per million as SO3  is equal to the ml of  RXSOL-62-5503-006 required multiplied by 10. 

A 50-mL sample was titrated with 0.0125 N titrant and 6 mL of titrant was used at the endpoint. The concentration is 6 mL × 10 = 60 mg/L sulfite SO3 2%u2013

Sample volumes and multipliers 

Range (mg/L)  Sample volume (mL) Titrant%u2014potassium iodide-iodate Multiplier
0%u2013100  50  0.0125 N 10
40%u2013200 25 0.0125 N 20
100%u2013500 10 0.0125 N 50
More than 500 05 0.0125 N 100


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