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RXSOL-40-4094-025  is a specially formulated, silica-based product for reducing corrosion normally associated with marine and offshore potable/fresh water storage systems. Use this product into the storage tank will form a protective barrier-type film on internal metal surfaces. In addition, RXSOL-40-4094-025 will not impart any color, odor or taste to water being treated.

Technical Specifications:

Appearance: Clear, viscous liquid

Specific Gravity at 25° C (77° F): 1.4

Flash Point (PMCC): None

Freeze Point: 0° C (32° F)

pH: 11.0

Future & Benefit





Recommended for potable/fresh water tanks

Concentrated liquid

Cost effective and Easy to apply

Forms protective silicate film

Protects potable and fresh water tanks against corrosion.Prevents red water conditions

Drinking Water Additives

Safe to use

Using Procedure:

Application and Use

Potable Water Tanks

RXSOL-40-4094-025 can  be slug dosed or fed to the tank with a  beta metering system. Dose 0.42 liters of RXSOL-40-4094-025 per 10 tons of water to achieve 42 ppm. This dosage will give approximately 12 ppm of SiO2.

NOTE: Water treated with RXSOL-40-4094-025  should not be used in boiler systems.

Permanent Fresh Water Ballast Tanks

The recommended initial dose is 32 ppm silica. To achieve this, dose 1.1 liters of RXSOL-40-4094-025 per 10 tons of fresh water.

On a tank previously dosed with RXSOL-40-4094-025 , 1 liter RXSOL-40-4094-025 per 20 tons should achieve a level of 32 ppm of silica. To ensure a proper level of RXSOL-40-4094-025  is established, and check the label with Rxsol Silica Test Kit .

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