dvr Porcelain Bowl Tiles Cleaner ( Brute Thick )

BRUTE will safely clean and deodorize any type of porcelain facility – toilet bowls, sinks and tubs, tile and shower stalls, chrome, and stainless steel. BRUTE removes hard water scale safely and will not discolor chrome or harm synthetic carpet when spilled.   BRUTE is a special thick mild effective cleaner that combines detergents and wetting agents coupled with a phosphoric acid base.  It quickly and safely removes rust, scale, and organic matter from all types of porcelain facilities and has a pleasant fragrance and is mild on your hands when using.


When cleaning wash basins, bathtubs, shower stalls, drinking fountains, tile, porcelain enamel, chrome, and stainless steel.  Dilute BRUTEwith up to 15 parts water — brush, swab, or spray on surface making sure surface in completely covered with BRUTE. Then brush or swab surface thoroughly.  Promptly rinse well after cleaning. 

DIRECTIONS FOR CLEANING TOILET BOWLS:  For best results – remove as much water as possible.  Hold bottle of BRUTE over bowl and apply 2 to 4 ounces of BRUTE to applicator.  Swab entire surface of bowl especially under rim at water outlets.  Flush toilet and rinse applicator.  Contains 25% phosphoric acid.


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