dvr Polymeric Waterproofing Coating VOLC WP

VOLC WP is advanced formulation and most effective and proven polymeric waterproofing solution. Its elasticity and ductility effect increasing its popularity in construction line.

Technical Specifications:


Result of test conducted as per DIN 1048 on a concrete cube coated with RXSOL slurry  cement slurry. 

Test Pressure Duration of Test

Permeability Single Coat

Permeability Two Coats

1 bar 48 hrs

35 mm



3 bars

24 hrs

35 mm



7 bars

24 hrs

48 mm



CONFORMANCE:  Confirms to flexibility and adhesion test as per I.S. 101.

COVERAGE : Approximately 5-5.5 M2/ Kg per coat depending on the nature of the surface.

STORAGE & SHELF LIFE : 12 months when stored in cool , dry place, away from direct sunlight, in original sealed packing 


Field of Application ::: 

Usefull for long life of Roof slabs %u2013 flat or sloping, chajjas, folded plate roofs, vaulted roofs, domes Flooring, external walls.etc.
Gives leack / damp protection from Sunk portion of bathrooms, toilets, balconies, etc.
Due to its bonding effect very usefull on Overhead or underground water tanks and other large reservoirs.
Mortars for filling joints of C.I. or any other drainage pipes.
As an admixture for providing waterproof plaster to external walls especially in high rise buildings.
As waterproof additive to any cement based paints used as a finishing coat. 

Using Procedure:


Proper cleaning and dressing of surface is very important factor to get good and long last result. 

1st of all clean and repair and make good any faulty concrete in the form of cracks, honey combing etc mortar. Then Cure the repaired cracks as per the usual norms. 

Remove all curing compounds and sealers

Properly Scrub and clean the surface and remove laitance, dirt, paint, loose flakes or particles or other foreign matter etc. using a vacuum cleaner or high pressure water jet or wet sandblasting or wire brushing.

Ensure that the concrete surface possesses an open surface texture.

Fill hairline cracks with VOLC AR, large cracks with VOLC EP 

Moisten the surface with water jet 24 hours prior to the application of VOLC WP.

Mix 1 part of VOLC WP and 1.25 parts fresh white or grey cement by weight using a low-speed stirrer or Continuous hand-mixing to form a slurry.   Remember lump-free consistency may also be adequate.


Keep the mix continuously stirred.

Apply the slurry by brush to the damp surface.

Apply two more coats of similar slurry at 24 hrs intervals.

Allow to set for 48 hours.

Cure the coating for 7 days by sprinkling water three times a day on the vertical surface (external walls) and using moist gunny bags on the horizontal surface (terraces).

For best results, it is necessary to sandwich the cured coating of VOLC WP with a screed layer. 

    Can be easily mixed with cement forming an impermeable co-matrix film.
    High flexural strength and extraordinary adhesion of polymer reinforces the high compressive strength property of cementitious matrix.
    Alkaline and compatible with concrete.
    Does not facilitate carbonation.
    Can be applied in moist conditions e.g: exteriors, terraces and chajjas in wet spells of monsoon, underground and/ or overhead water tanks almost immediately after emptying. 
    Can be mixed with any cement based paint and can thus have any desired colour shade.
    Can be used as a base waterproofing coat.  


PACKING : 1,5,20,200Kg 

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