New generation polymer blend bitumen solution containing anti-stripping agents suitable for brushing and designed to seal porous surfaces. It can resist low concentrations of acids & alkalies and also prolonged oxidation. When dry it forms a black shiny coating. 

Its coat on surace gives effective waterproof, weatherproof, corrosion resistant protective coating. It is suitable for application to a wide variety of surfaces including iron and steel, asbestos cement, concrete, stone and brick, and is mainly used for: 

Providing a protective coating for concrete structures, stone, brick, concrete screeds and sand cement surfaces. It is useful for the protection of underground foundations of civil structures,etc from the attack of dissolved ions like sulphates, chlorides etc. 

Using Procedure:

Cleaning of surafece will increase bonding strength as well as consumption of paint will be less.

As with all surfaces coatings, preparation of the surface is of great importance and will influence the degree of adhesion obtained and the life of the coating. The surface should be sound, stable and clean. RXSOL PMB 1807 is to be applied cold by brush. Slight dampness of the surface can be tolerated but it should not be wet. Do not apply under rainy or frosty conditions. 

1 kg of RXSOL PMB 1807 covers approximately 50 to 60 sq.ft. 

per coat. May vary depending on the nature of the surface. 

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