dvr pHAST TEST pH Indicator

pHAST TEST is a ready-to-use surface alkalinity tester for stucco, masonry, concrete and painted surfaces. pHAST TEST is giving very quick result to find the Alkalinity.

Technical Specifications:
Appearance :  Clear liquid with
Odour : Distinct Alcohol odour.
pH (Undiluted) : 7.00
Boiling point : 181°F
Flash Point :  55°F
Specific gravity (H2O=1) :  0.909
Vapor pressure : 31.2 mm Hg
Vapor density (Air=1) : <1
Percentage volatile by weight : 99
Evaporation rate (H2O=1) : >1
Freezing point : ND
Solubility in water ; Complete
Using Procedure:

To use, simply squeeze pHAST TEST onto the surface and wait until there is no further color change (approximately 2-5 minutes).

  • If there is no color change, the pH is below 10.0.
  • If a pink color appears, the pH is above 10.0 and corrective measures need to be taken before proceeding.

Note : Do not dilute this product. Use directly.



 Keep product tightly closed in a cool, dry place (40°-75°F) and away from any heat source, flame or electricity. If product spills, remove all sources of ignition. Remove any product spills with mops or absorbent material, or flush area with large amounts of water.


pHAST TEST Full color Countertop Displays are sold individually or in an 5-pack Case:

  •  Each 30ml Tester yields approximately 15-25 tests.
  •  Each Counter Display contains (24) two ounce testers in a full color countertop display with a cardboard overpack box.
  •  Each Case contains (8) color countertop displays with cardboard overpack boxes.
  • Shelf Life of Product is 18 Month from date of Manufacturing


  • Easy-to-Use
  • Fast Result
  • Accurate
  • Convenient
  • Inexpensive



  •  Use with adequate ventilation.
  •  Wash hands with soap and water after using.
  •  Keep away from children and animals.
  •  Do not apply this test to a wet surface as it will produce inaccurate results.


 WARRANTY & CONTACT INFO : Manufacturer assumes no liability for results or paint issues.

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