dvr Passivity Test Kit for PASSIVATION

This kit verifies if the surface is passive and if it will resist oxidation as requested by steel specifications for AISI 300 and 400. It can also be used to quickly separate Series 400 from Carbon steel.

This test will give a red/pink result when in contact with Iron. The chemicals used in these tests are not hazardous. But the surface should be carefully rinsed after the test.


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Apply 1-2 drops of Reagent RXSOL TK-11 to the surface to be inspected and let it react for at least 1 minute. Absorb the drop with the filter paper (supplied) and add 1 drop of Reagent RXSOL TK-12.
The paper will remain white if the surface is passive or if the piece is Stainless steel 400 Series. If the paper changes colour to pink it means that the surface is not, more or less, passive.  The more pink, the less passive. An intense red colour means that the piece is Carbon steel




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